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Productivity Tool for Revit Electrical Content

Works is an easy-to-use Revit add-in that provides electrical detailers with an intuitive way to increase the efficiency of their everyday tasks

Automated Design Efficiency

WORKS automates the import and synchronization of feeder schedules, enabling designers to focus on system design while enjoying improved efficiency, accuracy, consistency, and the ability to scale operations with ease.

Procurement Precision

The application's precise wire length reporting and pull calculations provide essential data for informed procurement and installation, leading to optimized processes, cost savings, and minimized risk.

Streamlined Conduit Modeling

WORKS' user-friendly conduit routing tools standardize content generation and model creation, speeding up the design process, enhancing accuracy, and ensuring full BIM standard compliance.

Fabrication Fidelity

The simplified and automated generation of conduit bend sheets by WORKS sets an industry standard for converting digital designs into tangible outcomes, optimizing the fabrication process and reducing errors.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Models created with WORKS are fully prepped for downstream applications such as GTP’s STRATUS, offering stakeholders a reliable design-to-construction workflow that builds confidence and saves costs.

Collaborative Construction Environment

By bridging the gap between engineering design and actionable data, WORKS fortifies real-time collaboration within the Autodesk environment, transforming how electrical contractors approach fabrication.

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A Solution for Every Stakeholder

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STRATUS is a single source platform allowing your VDC team to focus on modeling. Quickly generate reports from easy to access data. Reduce the need for annotation and spool drawings.

Field Team

STRATUS allows the field team to be involved throughout the project lifecycle. They have access to an intuitive way to create spool packages, schedule deliveries, view key deliverables, and track progress.

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Track your KPI’s in real-time, receive on-demand project updates, manage your spending, and reduce scrap all within in STRATUS.

Fabrication Shop

STRATUS integrates directly with tooling, allowing your team to maximize safety and speed. Use dashboards to plan workloads and labor ahead of time based on easily accessible data.

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STRATUS purchasing functionality connects contractors directly with their suppliers and enables your team to track the status of all purchases.

Stratus Flex has revolutionized our workflow, making it more efficient and streamlined. It has greatly improved our ability to collaborate and communicate with our team.

John Doe

Project Manager, ABC Construction

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