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Publish to Stratus

The Stratus workflow begins in your authoring software.  This is typically Revit or CAD.  Piping and plumbing system contents are then published to Stratus – which both pushes new content into Stratus and syncs current Stratus data back to the content in the authoring software.

Pipe Detailing

Harness the power of Stratus to masterfully craft your assemblies in AutoCAD, Revit, or directly within Stratus, then seamlessly manage the surrounding workflows in the cloud. Experience unparalleled automation in item numbering, dimensioning, and document generation, streamlining tasks and enabling meticulous organizational control from BIM to reality workflows.


Stratus enables you to easily request work orders through the cloud, allowing you to create fabrication packages outside of Revit. By narrowing down your selection to project areas, specific systems, material types, and other criteria, you can streamline the process. You can also automate this process to auto package your projects.


You won't have to exchange multiple emails to select and approve spool drawings anymore. With a cloud-based system, you can choose your field joints and see exactly how the fabrication will appear at the job site. Plus, features like auto-tagging and auto-dimensioning help you save time by streamlining digital workflows.

Status Tracking

Stratus elevates project oversight with its robust status tracking, enabling real-time visibility and control of each phase of construction. This streamlined control mechanism ensures that every team member stays informed and aligned, driving efficient and synchronized project progression.

Cutting & Nesting

Using the Stratus Workstation app or one of our many tool integration partners, optimized and nested cut lists can be sent directly to shop cutting equipment including Tigerstop, multi-axis cutters and pipe profilers or even just manual cutting stations. Furthermore, our Package BOMs enable nesting of linear materials like threaded rod to provide the precise stock amounts needed to complete the work.


Stratus automatically generates company, content, and even tool specific labels for your piping parts, spools, hangers, packages, and containers with QR codes for tracking and customizable information for installation.

Assembling & Joining

Assembly stations can go completely digital with Stratus.  Shop crews can work directly from model components with the ability to pull any additional information, dimensions, branch locations or O-let information on the spools.  Teams work directly from digital assemblies without the need for PDFs or shop drawings saving valuable time in your BIM departments.

Shipping & Containers

Packages of pipe can be grouped together and, using Stratus labels and scanners, assigned to a shipping container – this can be a cart, a pallet, a truck, etc.

Field Installing & Tracking

A fabrication shop does not work in isolation while production schedules and prioritization need to be closely aligned with the onsite project status.  Stratus Flex extends part, spool, package and container tracking, model access, and QR scanning to the field – all of which work both online and offline.

Analytics Report

To support the Stratus vision of “Data Driven Contracting” it is critical to not just run a digital process, but to create actionable reports and insights to optimize your process in real time. Stratus makes it easy to create custom reports, customizable productivity dashboards, look ahead dashboards and custom reporting and integrations with an open API.


Hear from Our Customers

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The cost savings enabled by utilizing Stratus to label piping assemblies is seen on the production floor and in the field. Grease pens are a tool of the past and gone with them is the factor for human error omitting necessary information. The digital workflow of Stratus allows all the necessary information to manufacture, install, and track each assembly using automated labels. Adopting Stratus labels has not only increased efficiency, but also greatly improved the field teams trust in the assemblies that leave our shop.

Ryan Hoggatt

Manufacturing Director, UMC

Since the implementation of Stratus, our company has experienced a remarkable surge in spooling efficiency, with productivity levels increasing by nearly 400%. One of the pivotal aspects of this transformation lies in our transition to a digital workflow facilitated by Stratus, eliminating the reliance on traditional paper sheets. This strategic shift not only amplifies our spooling capabilities but also enables our detailers to allocate their time more effectively towards modeling tasks, thereby driving overall productivity gains.”

Jacob Allen

BIM Department Manager, JRT Mechanical

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