Our Company

Transforming MEP Workflows

Stratus, deriving from the Latin term meaning ‘layer’, offers an advanced set of MEP specific solutions that seamlessly layer across a contractor’s entire workflow from design to fabrication to installation. Our team of seasoned industry experts, skilled technology leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs understands that fabrication does not occur in isolation, and increasingly, it may not happen within your own fabrication shop. Through close relationships with our customers—who include some of the most innovative and largest MEP contractors—we have developed a suite of Stratus tools to digitize, automate, and optimize piping, plumbing, sheet metal, and electrical contracting. Stratus provides the software layer your business needs to optimize profits with true “Data Driven Contracting.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable Data Driven Contracting through best-in-class technology solutions, purpose-built for the MEP industry.

Empowering MEP Contractors

Our Origin Story

Stratus was founded in 2015 by Todd Liebbe and Jonathan Umscheid. Todd brings extensive experience in building companies and selling products within the MEP industry, while Jonathan has a proven track record in developing trade-specific software. Together, they launched GTP Services. Stratus, initially GTP’s flagship product, quickly established itself as the leader in fabrication workflow management for MEP contractors. GTP has since been rebranded under the Stratus name and continues to lead the industry in MEP software innovation.

Digitize Your Workflows Through Data-Driven Contracting

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